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Senior Payroll Manager - German cluster

Category: Client Service
Place of work: Rohanské nábřeží 670/17, 186 00  Praha-Karlín, Czech Republic

1. Position Summary:

The Senior Payroll Production Manager - German Cluster is responsible for ensuring the Payroll Specialists are applying consistent methodologies and meeting GlobalView's SLA

2. Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Job Responsibilities: Work closely with SSC Team Leads and HR in order to ensure Payroll Specialists are recruited and trained consistently according to GlobalView standards Ensure all Payroll Specialists have the appropriate training planned as defined in the job description (GV tools, Stellar Services, ticket management, core business processes, SLA awareness...) Review training plans and advise Team Leads on consistent and on going improvement in coordination with Global Education Services Act as advisor whenever relevant in recruitment processes for Payroll Production Identify Talent, work with Team Leads and HR ensuring appropriate development plans are created Monitor attrition to be aligned with GlobalView goals, if discrepancies exists propose corrective actions Monitor day to day operations to ensure Payroll Specialists perform in accordance to the defined role and meet our SLAs Monitor escalations for MS and COS clients and report to Team leads Effectively and consistently manage process changes (including roll out and communication Constantly monitor ticket responses (quality & SLAs) Ensure on going coordination With Application Support and Payroll Production process owners / leads (knowledge sharing, best practices, talent management, shared contribution to FAQs and KM database...) With counterpart in Shared Service Center. (knowledge sharing, best practices) Work with GES team, Subject matter experts and Team Leads to assure implementing training for country specifics and readiness for on boarding new clients   Participate as required in cross regional activities, workshops etc. aiming at sharing and improving on current processes and practices.

 3. Education & Certification Requirements:

Bachelor's degree from Economy or Technical University          

 4. Experience: 

5 of management experience
Upper intermediate level of English and fluent German
Payroll Knowledge prefered but not mandatory!  

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Sviatlana Fedotova
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